PQA w/ reading

For my first class today, I decided to do some PQA before we read to solidify some of the phrases. It ended up slowing down the pace of the class. Was this because I am so new at PQA? For the next two classes I decided to not do the PQA and as a whole it went much smoother. There were still some students not paying attention, but I did not have near the problems that I did first hour. I wonder if first hour will have the phrases down better than than the second classes.

It made me think about when to PQA. Susan Gross says, “You can never P too long, you can never P too much.” Does this apply to reading stories, too or did she mean it before creating stories in class? I think that a better use of time would have been to PQA some of the phrases with a story that they create or a PMS. It would solidify the phrases much better. Even in my inexperience I am seeing how the constant repetition molds the language into their minds. They just have to be paying attention.

It is a shame that I have to do what they are doing here and I don’t have the freedom to do what I want. I will look forward to next year! Hopefully, things will go okay.

I can’t wait to read Ben Slavic’s book PQA in a wink. I think that it will help to prepare me more for the next year. I wish that I could read it before I go observe him, but that is not the reality w/ all that is going on. Will I be able to fully take advantage of this opportunity?


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