Seating charts

My cooperating teacher has a policy of no assigned seats. She leaves it up to the students to be mature and for their good behavior she rewards them with free seating. It has been an interesting situation because the students get really upset if you move them and will sometimes even act worse. How does this help to build the community in the classroom?

I feel that it is better to have assigned seating throughout the year. It can change from time to time, or even every day if you have name cards. I have done it both ways and it seems to alleviate a lot of the behavior problems.

With all of this to say, I still feel that an engaging lesson will solve many of the behavior problems. This is one big reason why I got into TPRS. If we can create stories everyday that are interesting and about the students, then they will be much more likely to participate in a positive way. There still needs to be rules for telling the story and guidelines for participation, but generally is it much more effective than taking notes off of a screen.



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2 responses to “Seating charts

  1. Linda

    What textbook are you using, if any? Do you have any experience with Carol Gaab’s Cuentame Aun Mas?

    I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. thomasyoung

    I am not using a textbook. I work off of pacing guides that indicate the material that students are learning every month. The stories that I use are either created by me or I will use a basic idea out of Amy Catania’s Cuentos Fantasticos.

    Thanks for reading my blog. I have taken a little break, but will hopefully be writing more soon.

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