In class reading

I have been thinking more about reading in class. It can be incredible tool for building fluency, but a teacher needs to be careful in how they use it. If it is used too much then it becomes boring and monotonous. If it is used too little than they are not getting practice reading and enough authentic exposure to the language. What can be done?

At my school, I have found that when there is a reading unit in the lower levels they seem to get bored with the story quickly. They would rather create the stories. It seems then that a unit of reading should be introduced later in the upper levels when they have acquired enough CI.

So, I would like to experiment with having a reading time with the class once at least week. A time where we return to a story and follow along with a character. Kind of like a soap opera. This is a time where we read together and talk about it in L2.

It feels like there is just not enough time for everything. When do we do the stories, FVR, class reading time, dictado, PMS, mini cuento, Kindergarten day? And these are all of the activities that are with TPRS. What about culture? Again, I am excited to read Ben Slavic’s book and I hope that it will shed some light on these questions.


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