Teaching what they want

I have decided that toward the end I am going to have to teach more grammar. It is not because I want to, but because I care about the kids. This last unit, I worked really hard to get the kids to understand what was happening in the book, only to arrive at a final that was half matching of vocabulary out of context. The students aced the part where it talked about the events, but most of them bombed the vocabulary part. I am sure that they would have recognized the words in context, but they had not had practice in seeing them out of context besides the fly swatter game. Now the students grades do not truly reflect what they really know. I have decided that I am going to teach what the department wants for the rest of the semester. I don’t want the kids to do poorly because I read a book by Krashen that says that I should not teach direct grammar in lower levels. I am now past the point of sticking to my beliefs and doing what is best for the students’ grades. I can change the world at the next school I go to.


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