The levels in FL defined

This is not meant to be an end all be all. Just some ideas.

A World Language level program could look like this:

Exploratory: This is from Ben Slavic-to interest the kids in the culture and the language. That’s all. Consequently, to treat it as an academic subject misses the point.

Level I and II: Beginning stage, full of CI, stories, readings as a class, and FVR

Level III and possible IV: Intermediate stage, they have required enough CI to do Sheltered Popular literature in class, like novels, comics, articles, etc. This is the stage where the students read on their own more and we are going through the same text as a class.

Level IV Honors and V/AP: Intermediates moving toward advanced. These students begin in the intermediate stage and move to more academic language. This can include grammar or language that is associated with a specific academic field, like business, economics, classical literature, poetry, etc. More specialized topics.

If we decide to do the steps before the class as a whole is ready, then this may result in students being bored or frustrated. As a unit they are not ready yet. The great thing is that if FVR is implemented, than the more advanced students who are ready and want to read more advanced material will be satisfying this need through their chosen FVR texts. They will still be getting more advanced CI and moving at their own pace.


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