Encouraging parent calls

I decided to make a couple of phone calls the other day to some parents. Two of the calls were to let the parents know that their child was doing well and had been improving. The other call was to let a parent know that their child had done poor on the last unit and to encourage them to do better on this upcoming unit.

Overall, it was such a rewarding experience. The parents were glad that I called, even though I am a student teacher. One parent said that this was the first time that a teacher called just to say that their child was doing well.

The phone call that was about the struggling student was also very encouraging. She was grateful that I let her know and would talk to her child. It is nice to know that these types of phone calls can be a good thing. It was a reminder that encouraging phone calls make more of a difference than I thought.


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  1. I agree that positive phone calls are wondeful. My district has a “Posi Log” policy where all teachers are expected to make two positive phone calls a week. We have to record it on a chart so the principal can collect them for the Superintendent.

    It’s funny to call because parents always think it’s something bad – even the parents of kids who always behave perfectly! But it will help you out in the long run if you’ve already established a positive relationship and you need to call for something not positive. Good luck!

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