Keeping Records

I was reminded today that it is so important to keep good records. It takes a little extra time, but it makes life so much easier in the end when you need it. Keeping good records helps me as a teacher to keep my brain available for other tasks. It also is a visual representation of grades, bathroom passes, detentions, or any thing that you may need for later reference.

As a general rule, I find that it is best to keep these as simple as possible. I print out a class roster and designate it as a records page for things like bathrooms breaks or other information that I may need to record. It is also good for parent teacher conferences to have records of what their child has done.

I wonder how it will change as I shift into TPRS? I am sure that some things will be the same, like the bathroom passes, but I know that somethings will change. I want to add the pagame that Blain has implemented to see it works.


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