Just talking

I was reading some of Susan Gross’s articles and she mentioned that one year she just decided to throw the book out and just talk to the kids. I really liked this approach and it made me want to try this more.Imagine just talking with the class the whole entire time in comprehensible input so that they could acquire the language with topics that are of interest to them would promote fluency a lot more than units about the grammar elements. Students love just talking, they try to get me to do it all the time. Why do I always have to be thinking of all these creative activities to try and distract the students so they will learn Spanish. It is like they just do it because it is better than doing nothing. I realize that part of the time that I talk to the students they are really just trying to get me off task, but the problem is that we are talking in L1. If we were talking in L2 and they understood most of what I was saying, I really think that they would love it. More importantly, they would acquire the language.

I am in the search for something real. I want my time in class to be real and not a facade of me teaching. I want the students to enjoy what they are doing and actually learn Spanish. It is really as simple as that.


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