The goal for stories is to reach the kids

This came from Ben Slavic’s blog about using the ideas of Krashen to reach kids. At the end he made a great closing point that is good to keep in mind when telling the stories.

Maybe we should spend less time wrestling with learning how to create stories and just use a few storytelling techniques to just talk with the kids.

The technical aspects of asking stories are not unimportant, but they sometimes cloud our vision of what is truly important – reaching the kids. If a teacher were to use any simple combination of circling, slow, pausing and pointing, and teaching to the eyes, using just those TPRS techniques to engage the students in simple conversations about their interests, they might get unexpectedly fine results.

As we discover more and more ways to connect with our students, without worrying too much about how to create home run stories, we will give more and more life and energy to Krashen’s ideas, and thus become better teachers of fluency.

I have really felt lately that things are best when they are kept simple and whole. Food, for example, has most of it’s benefit when it is whole and it has not been messed with. Men’s shaving is another thing that is made better when sticking to the basics of a shaving brush and single-track razor. It seems that in TPRS that it is more successful when you seek to reach the kids and keep the story simple. I guess we will see.


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