Teaching from the Heart

I have been reading a lot from Ben Slavic lately. One theme that I get from a lot of his readings is the idea of teaching from the heart. At first I wasn’t so sure what he meant, but I think that I understood a little more today.

It means making a personal connection with the students and basicing your class off of this personal relationship. This doesn’t mean that the teacher is the students best friend. There is still a level of respect there. It does mean that the teacher is concerned more about the students than the subject you are covering on a particular day. The teacher is aware of what the students are feeling. There is also a level of care that the teacher possesses about the students that, right now, is hard for me to define.

Once the teacher and the students are connected by the heart, just about anything can happen. But if there is no connection, than the students will not learn as much or reach their potential. It takes me back to the quote that says, “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It is so true.


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