Foreign Language Education, The Easy Way

This is another great book by Krashen. When I first saw it, it make me think that the title was misleading. The Easy Way to me meant, teaching the easy way out. In other words not putting much effort into teaching. And perhaps there is some truth to this if you teach the way the book presents.

The Easy Way simply means, to me, teaching FL through letting the students read and acquire the language themselves, rather than direct instruction. When this is done it is a lot easier and more enjoyable for both the students and the teacher.

I read the reviews that this book is a must for FL teachers and I have to agree. It helped me to identify the purpose for each level of FL. It also opened my mind to the power that reading can have in learning a language. Again, it is filled with a lot research and studies, which is great! It is a short 55 pages and, although it is not a novel, it can be read and absorbed very quickly. Most importantly it helped me to reflect more about teaching Spanish.



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2 responses to “Foreign Language Education, The Easy Way

  1. André Grolli

    Trying to find it, to teach some english in Brazil. Thanks for the review!

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