Sports and Activities

I was teaching the other day and looked out my window on beautiful spring day and I saw the baseball team warming up. They warm up and have a practice before every game. I had to stop for a second and think about what was happening. It sent a message to me about what the school valued.

I have been really feeling lately that sports and activities have taken over school. Students are so focused on the activities that they forget about their school. On top of this, the school seems to value and pump tons of money into activities.

Now, it is statistically proven that students who are involved in activities do better in school. I do not dispute that, not am I saying get rid of all activities. What I am saying is that we need to look at the role of activities. I can imagine that when activities first started they were just a time for school chums to get together outside of school and do something. A way to spend more time with your school friends.

Now activities have been totally been blown out of proportion and it seems to be more important than the reason that we go to school. It also doesn’t help that our society places such and emphasis on professional sports. It is just like American Idol. A lot of athletes put all they have into their sport for the hope that they will be chosen.

I don’t think that students should be pulled out of class to have practice. It sends the message that school values activities more than scholastics. If this attitude is promoted how can we expect students to take school seriously? They will just do what they have to to get by. They will not achieve their potential.


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