I know that at certain times I have just felt that the kids were so lazy. That they needed to just get with the program and be responsible. For some students, this is the case. However, I would say that most of the time they aren’t lazy. They are just bored and they don’t care. They want to do other things. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am dealing with a different group of people that grew up in different times. The world continues to change rapidly and as that happens the generations change rapidly. Life used to not change that much, but now it does. I can’t expect them to be like me when they have had a totally different experience.

When kids are showing signs of being lazy I need to evaluate why this is happening. Have I personalized enough? Are my assignments reasonable? Maybe I should talk to them and ask them why they aren’t getting things done. What do they have to say? I think that I would be surprised by their answers and closer to helping them not be lazy.


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