Personalization in large schools

I have spent most of my time working and attending large schools. The high school class that I graduated from had 540 students, not enormous, but larger than the Nebraska average. In these large institutions I have observed how common it is for students to feel like another cog in the wheel or another student that is just pumped out the conveyor belt of public education.

While I think that personalization is necessary in all learning environments, I think that it is especially essential in large schools. Students are going from class to class easily lost in the mix and when they arrive to our class, it is no different. They are used to schools catering to them, but not caring about them. What they really want is a school that cares about them. This makes it absolutely necessary to use personalization in large schools.

The student must feel like they have a place in my classroom and I must talk about them in encouraging ways that get them involved. Sometimes even noticing that a student got a haircut is huge and they know that you notice them. But even more, I must personalize in L2. This is what tunes them in to the language. If they experience L2 that is about them, it will be effective in large schools and they will be responsive because they are hungering for personalization. If it is just about L2, then it becomes just another subject where they are another cog in the wheel.


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