Staying in touch

I must confess that sometimes I feel alone in this whole endeavor. What I mean is that I have chosen to go outside of the norm and with that comes a sense of being the only one that is doing what you are doing. Whether it is TPRS, circling with props, personalization, even just my basic philosophies on education. I realized that in order to not feel alone it is so important to stay in touch with those across the country that are doing what I am doing. This gives me the support system that I need as a young teacher.

I was visiting with a teacher about this on an occasion after school and he pointed to a post card above his desk and said, “You see this. This is a postcard from a good friend of mine. We are kindred spirits in teaching and have shared a lot.” I could start to see the endearment in his eyes as he looked at the postcard. “This teacher sent this to me from Germany, isn’t that cool. You know what else, I have never even met her. We have just stayed in contact with each other through email and it has been so valuable to me.” I realized after he said this that with this age of internet I can really stay in touch with people all over the country. This will help to give the support that may be lacking in the school that I am in. It seems kind of crazy that I would be getting my support from people all over the country rather than right under my nose, but this is the world that we live in as TPRS teachers.

I am excited to make new friends as the years go on and learn from the experiences that they have. This is such a wonderful journey that I am on, as long as I stay to close to what is real and do not loose my focus in this mad world of education.


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