Just try to enjoy yourself

I was watching a movie the other day and there was a scene where two guys were playing golf. The first guy was having a really hard time and was not placing the ball where he wanted. The second guy had no trouble and was putting the ball exactly where he wanted. The scene ended with the first guy shaking his head and saying, “Man, I gotta work on my game.” To which the second responded, “Don’t think of it as work, just try to enjoy yourself.”

This really spoke to me about teaching and how I worry about the lesson or the story or personalizing. I think about getting it right. Now, the truth is that there is some foundational work to be done, but if I think of it as work, or if I am trying too hard next fall, things will not go where I want them to.

Somehow I feel that if I don’t think of it as work and just try to enjoy myself, all the preparation that I have done will fall into place and the students will acquire the language.


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