TPRS and Veggies

Do you ever get the feeling that TPRS is kind of like eating raw vegetables. What I mean is that there is a whole slew of people out there who consume raw vegetables as apart of their daily diet because, well, the body reacts to it better and a person can have an energy that they have never known. [I confess, I do it] But, you see, most of the American public does not eat raw vegetables. In fact, if you were to tell people that you had a steady diet of raw vegetables they would think that you are strange, but really for most people it is a better way to live. Especially when all they eat is corn syrup and hydrogenated soy products. In fact, I would say that most Americans do not know how to feed themselves, according to their bodily needs.

Where am I going with this? The TPRS teachers are the raw vegetable crazies. We have a better way to teach that actually leads to acquisition, but we are surrounded by the average consumer who does not really know what they are teaching. They are just buying what is being advertised to them and following what everyone else is doing, just like the food market. Will this ever change? I feel it welling up in me to take a stand for all of this and at the same time hoping that all my efforts will be fruitful this upcoming year in the classroom. It has been a crazy ride so far.

Did you see The Bucket List? Jack Nicholson has line, “90% of people in this world do not know the best way to do things.” I am starting to discover that there is some truth to that, especially in our field.


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