Extending PQA

I was doing some reading in PQA in a Wink and I think that I started to finally understand what Extended PQA means. It is basically when we take the information gathered from the PQA [Circling w/ balls, Questionnaires, or just talking to the kids in the target structures of the day] and we spin it into action. More simply, we use it to create action.

The action can take several forms. It can be a story, a scenario, a dialogue, etc. The students can be in their seats or not in their seats. It can just be a continued conversation. The point is that it is interesting CI. This involves the teacher taking a risk and being willing to enter the unknown.

It is like jumping off the diving board for the first time, you aren’t really sure what will happen and you are kind of scared. Once you do it more, though, it becomes less intimidating and you start to experience the thrill of flying several feet in the air and entering the refreshing medium of cool water.

When I realized that Extended PQA does not have to be a story every single time, that was huge. It allows for so much more creativity in the classroom. It also allows for each class to go in the direction that they wish instead of every class being the same. The great thing is that all of the classes are acquiring the same structures, but they are each experiencing it in ways that are spontaneous and living. Classes are created that could have never been planned or imagined by the teacher. Another great part is that the teacher is not spending hours creating materials and planning, yet the students acquire the language with greater success. What a great idea!


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