Following the rules

I realized today that rules are brilliant when you enforce them. It can be easy for teachers to just let it slide, but today in class I really enforced the rules. When I did this, it wasn’t in a harsh way. I simply just stated the rule to class when I saw that someone was breaking it and then I moved on. I didn’t humiliate the student(s), I just stated the rule to the class.

It worked like magic and by the end of the class period they were starting to acquire more of the language because there was an established order. The rule that was the most difficult was the “Speak English only to suggest clever answers — limit two words.” The students are used to speaking English all day, so this can be hard for some of them to remember. As long as I am consistent with enforcing the rules the students will continue to play the game.

The no English rule is actually a good classroom management tool because if there is no English allowed in a 1st year class, that pretty much means there is no talking.  When the students start to acquire more language and are speaking to each other in Spanish then I will then focus more on the “No talking over rule.”

These rules are brilliant and help the kids to acquire more language. No class should be without them.


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