Having fun acquiring

Today, I had a lot of fun with the students, but more importantly I was speaking in Spanish almost the entire time. I have never done that in class and it feels so liberating. I feel like my kids are learning more Spanish than ever and I am wondering how the rest of the year will go. Today we established that Dylan plays hacki sack under water because he has invisible gills on his face and that Dusty and Barney [the kids dinosaur] play basketball every Sunday at 6:30 in order to annoy Maddie. I have never had so much fun in class and the kids continue to get more creative.

Also, one great bonus is that I am not heading into the weekend with a lot of papers to grade. I can just relax and know that on Monday we will circle with balls. I really enjoy letting the kids decide where the class will go and I think that they are starting to like it, too.


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