One Word TPRS thoughts

I decided to play around with One Word TPRS in some of my classes today. I discovered a couple of things. First, when you start with a noun, don’t say “Hay un ____” [there is a ____]. The reason is that later when you ask how many of the noun there is/are they will always say one. And they should because you just established that there was only one.

Second, maybe it is best to wait a little bit of time before you go into One Word TPRS because it is important to build the trust and the base rules of the class. If you do it too soon, the students have not really learned how to participate in your class and you may invite confusion — especially if you “forget an answer.”

Third, make sure that the students are driving the identity of the noun. If the teacher is deciding the identity too much then the students do not have as much ownership of the noun and it is not as personalized.


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