Unannounced Quizzes

I told my classes that I have unannounced quizzes, but I don’t think that all of them believed me. I am curious to see how this will change how much some of them pay attention and I realize that I need to enforce this rule more on this rule more. I know that I will have to make some parent phone calls to keep to motivate them a little more. I am happy that this school has such supportive parents and I wonder how the phone calls will go.


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  1. How did the unannounced quizzes go? I remember in one of my ed psych classes they said random rewarrds and random assessments are the most effective because people don’t know when they’ll get them.

    Your posts remind me how much I miss teaching Spanish! I taught it as a weekly special in a charter school, K to 3. They learned so quickly, especially the kindergarteners – the second year I had to add a unit because they picked it up so much faster than the class the previous year!

    Que tengas un buen dia!

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