Working Through Circling

You know, circling is not as easy as it sounds. I had a rough morning with my circling. The class was not really buying what I was selling and it felt like I had little to no engagement. These questions kept ringing in my head. What can I do? What am I doing wrong? And many more.
I took a little breather after a class and I remembered how I did TPR. When you teach TPR there is this feeling of recycling old material with presenting new material. If you stay on the old material too much, then you will lose the class and they will get bored. If you leave old material and come back to it while you are introducing new material, you can stay afloat. In TPR, this is so important because it is vital to your success.
I started thinking about circling like I do TPR. You have to slowly give the students more while you review the older content. I know it sounds easy and I even think to myself about how simple it sounds.
To me it was an abstract feeling that I only get from knowing what it feels like to do the TPR phase.
I am still figuring this all out, but it was nice to have a little success today after a lot of failure. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


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