A TPRS friendly environment in Holdrege

When I first accepted the job here at Holdrege, there were a lot of uncertainties. The biggest one was whether or not it would be a TPRS friendly environment. I knew that there were a lot of teachers out there battling on the front lines of TPRS and I was ready to be one of them. Not in a militant way; which is definitely not the way to work with school districts. My personality is more conversational and relaxed. Anyway, I was ready.

Well, the good news is that I never had to do anything. My district welcomed TPRS with open arms. When the Spanish teachers learned that I taught with TPRS, they were actually happy. I must admit that I was pretty surprised. The teachers told me that they felt that this was next step for the program and that I was going to help them get there.

Once I heard all of these things, I felt so blessed. There are probably not a whole lot of teachers that are welcomed as TPRS teachers. I didn’t need to present any research or try to sell them on it. They were ready with open minds. It doesn’t get any better than that in TPRS.

Next year, we will have a new Spanish teacher. Let me clarify. There are only two Spanish teachers: me and the other teacher. Fortunately, the new teacher for next just went to a Susan Gross workshop and is totally fired up for TPRS. This makes me excited for the future of this school. It also makes me excited for me, professionally, that I won’t have to defend what I do. I will actually get to collaborate with another teacher and form a unified program. Once I realized this, I felt really blessed!


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