Actors are instant success

I discovered the power of actors today. We were going along telling the story and the students were on the acquisition train. Then all of a sudden I brought actors into the story. It is amazing what visualization can do for the kids. They had all acquired the target structures, but were lacking a total picture of the story.

In the story today the super duper popular boy, who was a differnt boy in each class, had two elephants. The class knew this, but when they saw two of their classmates on their hands and knees walking like elefants it added a new element to the story.

I find myself wondering when I should use actors. Is this something I use all of the time? Or is it something I pull out as an added visual to the story? I think some people have actors all the time, but I am not sure if that would get old. I guess I will just have to experiment and see what works.



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2 responses to “Actors are instant success

  1. Thomas I always have actors. What I do is ask questions for a few minutes after the gesturing, and they supply cute answers about the person we are talking about, and then all of a sudden I say, “But class, there is a problem!” And, after stating the problem, I stand up the actor(s) (usually there is a fight to get to the front of the room fastest) and off we go to solve the problem via the three locations.

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