Free writes

I have been doing more experimenting with the free writes this semester. My first thought was to go paperless. I had the students set up a free blog on the web through This has worked pretty well and the students like typing in Spanish.

Sometimes, though, the computers are checked out and I do it on paper. At this point I think I like doing it both ways. The computers are a little more fuss, but the students have been getting faster at getting them going. Plus, I do them on Fridays, which has a little more flexibility. At my school we have a shortened day on Friday so we can do our faculty meetings. We are doing the WFSG, which is similar to the PLC.

The students were a little nervous to write at first, but they did really well. It is interesting to see the differences in the classes. First hour is not as competant as 5th hour. I think this is partially because I realize what needs to improve throughout the day. It will be interesting to see where the students are after the semester.


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