Experimentation with testing

This semester I have done some experiments with testing. I decided to try quia, which is an online tool. Basically, I am giving all of my tests online and the computer grades them. This has worked out well because I have 150 students and it also prepares my students for the online testing that will take place in college.

After playing with it some I have learned my own system and it seems to work pretty well. I still go through each test and see which problems were incorrect, but it really saves a lot of time. I can grade a paper in less than a minute and I now have instant statistics on what my students are acquireing and what they need more repetitions on.

I think I am going to keep playing with it.



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2 responses to “Experimentation with testing

  1. Bethany

    ¡Hola! Thank you for the great blog! I am at the same point with TPRS and thankfully have an AWESOME administration and teachers that fully support the method. I am also using quia, but having a hard time figuring out the best way to integrate the testing with the TPRS methodology (i.e. correctly grading and not just requiring memorization and matching). I’d love to look at your quizzes and tests if possible and share ideas. Would that be possible? Please let me know – gracias!

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