We bring life

We bring life into the classroom. But we have to be careful how we do it. It must happen with CI and P. The CI is a little complicated. It involves going slow and then going slow some more. Taking time to let the brain acquire the language. The P is also a little complicated. It must be about anything that is interesting to the students. How do we as adults know what is interesting to them? Well, there are a few different ways to do it. You can spend hours doing research or you can just ask them. The catch, though, with asking them is that they need to feel comfortable enough to tell you. Some will and others won’t. But as long as we have CI and P in the classroom everything thing will go just fine.

There are several advantages to teaching this way. Teachers at first will notice that they have almost no planning and less grading. But the real gem of it all is the relationships that are developed with your students and knowing that you helped them to do something that many people in our country never achieve; knowing more than one language. Hopefully, this trend of monolingualism will start to fade as more teachers see the posibilities of CI and P.


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