The greatest obstacle in TPRS

This week I had a student teacher observe my class. It was wonderful to see someone who was interested in TPRS and how it worked. I am sure that I overwhelmed her with too much information. I can’t help it, I guess.

When I observed Ben Slavic’s class, I observed for a little bit  and then he just threw me in there. He asked me to teach his 7th grade students. I was so surprised and nervous. I thought that it went horrible and I was so scared because I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing.

When this student teacher came to my class, I was in a similar position that Ben was in for me. So, I decided to throw her in there. It was so wonderful to observe and it helped me to realize one of the greatest obstacles in TPRS, the fear of just doing it.

If we can overcome the fear of doing the method, we have overcome the greatest obstacle in doing TPRS. If the fear is gone, then we are free to learn and just go with the story. We can learn to be free with the stories and not worry about messing up or which question to ask or whether the students are bored. Once we do this, I think we will see incredible gains in our own development as teachers.


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