Entering the 4th Quarter

Well, I am entering the 4th quarter of my first year of teaching. I must say that I feel like I have been through a lot. So much has changed and I now see the value of experience. It is something that really can’t be taught, but just has to happen.

I have known a lot of first year teachers that have ended the year pretty beat up and bruised, possibly thinking about quitting. I don’t feel this way. It has been rough at times, but I feel strong enough to continue.

I know I can make it through the 4th quarter and for what it’s worth, I know that I will be okay. I have been through some storms, but they have all passed.

One thing I have learned is to not take things personal. When my students are bored, I can’t take it personal. When students complain about my class, I can’t take it personal. When the story bombs in class, I can’t take it personal. All I do is smile back and get back on the horse.



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2 responses to “Entering the 4th Quarter

  1. Michele

    Wow. I can’t believe you’re a first-year teacher! It’s wonderful to know that we have a new generation coming along that is going to be able to show the old guard a new way. This is my first year…of teaching while learning TPRS…after 23 years of throwing “eclectic” methods at the kids. We had a lot of fun, but I was often in despair about my lack of success with the back of the room.

    I really like your point about not taking things personally, except that I also realize that I do have to take any lack of understanding personally. It’s my fault if they’re not comprehending. Still–that’s a huge change for me, because last year, I thought it was THEIR fault! Now I know. For the most part, the kids will pay attention and understand if I am doing my job right. But because I can see how much they’re learning, I really don’t respond much if they act like they think it’s too easy.

    Good luck with you as the year ends, and thanks for taking the time to write this blog. I check it regularly, and I am very impressed with what you’ve written.

    • thomasyoung

      Thanks for the encouragement! I agree with what your saying about taking responsibility if the kids are not acquiring. Every time I give a test or a quiz or even a quick finger check I am thinking about it and trying to give the students the repetition that they need.

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