Discipline Preceeds Instruction

Recently I have been getting too lax with my discipline. I never knew that it takes discipline to apply discipline. It really does, though. I decided to start fresh today with a new seating chart. That improved things incredibly! Then I started enforcing my rules again and it had an immediate effect.

One class was really pushing me to see what I would do. The interesting thing is that in that moment I needed to be stronger than them in order to have them understand my expectations. I was and I was so happy that I was. I applied the consequences with empathy and when I did that it made it so much better. [For me and them]

It is so true that discipline preceeds instruction.



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3 responses to “Discipline Preceeds Instruction

  1. RB

    What do you do for the students who meet you expectations?
    In my experience, many more students meet our expectations and receive very little feedback for their effort. They sometimes see students getting attention for acting out and act out in order to meet their needs.
    Don’t miss those students…
    Just a thought from Eugene, Oregon

    • thomasyoung

      What a great comment! I do encourage those students with specific praise, but you are right that teachers do not do this nearly enough. It is amazing the way one student can make you feel like class is terrible and how easy it is to forget that the majority of the students are doing well.

  2. I wonder what Dale Carnegie would say about discipline. Have you read any books by alfie kohn “Beyond Discipline”? I am trying to figure out the best method concerning discipline. Like many teachers discipline is my least favorite thing to do but so necessary when teaching adolescents.

    Brandon Kerby

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