Trying to forget output

Some days the output just pours out of their mouths and other days the output is choppy or totally incorrect. It is hard for a teacher to move on from this. The bottom line is that it lets me know which structures need more repetition.

I teach lower levels and this means that they are still developmentally going through a lot of changes. I want so badly to sit them down and have a grammar lecture, but I know that this is mostly fruitless. The students just need more meaningful repetition of the structures and they also need to read more.

Above all, I can’t worry about it. Since I teach a lot of lower levels, I need to realize that I may not see the fruits of my labor. It may come after they have me and I am okay with that. I also need to remember that I am developing, too. I am learning better ways to deliver the CI. Hopefully, it will get better as new generations emerge.


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