More encouraging news

This year we have a new teacher in our World Language department. It has been wonderful to work with her and she is on board with tprs. She teaches levels 2-4 and gets all the students that I have had for last 4 years. Although, I just got here last spring, so slowly each class will have more tprs.

I must confess that during my tprs growth period I have wondered if anything I have done has made an impact at all. I have thought about the fact that I am new to the method and still getting my feet wet. It has been an interesting year, but I would rather that it is interesting rather than boring.

Well, yesterday during a passing period the new teacher comes running over very excited and says, “I don’t know what you did with those students, but it worked! Your students from last year out-wrote all the other classes by a lot!.” I really didn’t know what to say. I was surprised, but really I shouldn’t have been.

This is not as much encouraging news for me as it is for tprs. The method is a strong one and even an inexperienced teacher can make it work. It was nice to realize that and know that what I am doing with tprs really is working. Most of the second year students after an entire summer off wrote over a hundred words in their free write. I am sure that other tprs teachers are getting more from their students, but when you compare the tprs students to what the national average would be, I would say that we are doing pretty well.

It made me proud to be a tprs teachers because I felt like something was actually working in education; which is hard to come by these days. How cool it is that we can be apart of something like this.



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2 responses to “More encouraging news

  1. Jim Tripp

    Great to hear Thomas! I am excited as well, to be able to compare the abilities of my former TPRS students with those from a different school down the road where I will be spending half of my day this year. Hopefully encouraging results for the method as well. And even more, fresh students who want to learn some language! I hope all of us newbies see this difference between the old and new methods, and not overlook how powerful it can be.

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