This year’s Questionnaire

This year I decided to add some elements to the questionnaires. Last year I found that I had way more success in acting when I only chose the students who wanted to act. Also last year I found that there were a lot of students who were talented at drawing, too. So here are some things that made it into this year’s questionnaire.

Would you be willing to act in class:              yes/ no

Would you be willing to draw in front of the class:               yes/no

Would you mind drawing something for the class at home:              yes/no

Would you be willing to donate a prop to the class for our stories: yes/no

The last element just came to me on the fly. I thought that maybe it would help to personalize the class if the kids could bring some of their stuff into the stories. Let’s, be honest… they are more creative than us anyway. I am excited to see how it turns out. I did give them some guidelines so that it wouldn’t totally be a free for all.

I’ll post on it later to see how it goes.


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