Backward Planning Ideas

I have been thinking about backward planning a lot lately as a main focus for this year. It makes sense if we want our students to understand what we read in the novel. This is not a new concept, but new to me while using tprs. It basically means that I read a chapter at a time of the novel on my own and extract the phrases that I think will need more repetition. This will hopefully make the program more full and continue to pack each class with more CI. Let’s face it … we only have so much time with these students and we need to make it as effective as possible.

As I started the process I kept getting a mass of all these words and it occurred to me that I may not be able see all the words as I teach if they are in a big jumbled mass. What if we organize them while we are doing the backward planning so that when we get into the CI they are ready. A possible category system could be the question words. Blaine did say, the best teachers just ask questions. So it would look like this:

1. This week I personally read the chapter that we will do in class next week.
2. While I read, I write down the phrases that I want to purposely insert into stories during the week
3. Since I am writing them down anyway, I mine as well put them on a template of the question words so that is easy to spot.
4. Now I have an organized list that I can also keep for next year or even share with other colleagues

Here is an example from Casi se muere:

CSM capítulo 1 – palabras importantes antes de leer


¿Cómo? / ¿Cómo es?:
joven     se llama     como     mismo     simpáctica     pelo largo y liso [corto y rizzado]


toda     hermano


¿Cuántos? / ¿Por cuánto tiempo? / ¿A qué hora?

tiene __ años

Instead of just writing the words in an unorganized block, the words are placed in these categories.  During the week this is on my podium on a piece of paper so that I can remember to place them into the flow of  CI as I see the immediate need or opportunity to create a need. This will give them more repetitions on the words so that when we read they already know 90-95% of the words.

I am going to be trying this to see how it works.



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2 responses to “Backward Planning Ideas

  1. I like this idea, and also your other post on backward planning. I wanted to work with a novel this year, which is new for me, and I’m going to try out your template. Thanks!

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