TPR + One Word Image combo

Now that we are off and running, a lot of my classes are in the TPR phase where we are getting to know each other and spending some time laughing. We are also reinforcing the procedures of the class as we go along so that the students know the expectations. This has been so helpful and now all of my students come in and do the Repasito right away. When the bell rings everyone is quiet and working — almost like magic.

During this phase of TPR it rarely gets boring, but sometimes the TPR will just seamlessly flows into a mini-story or a little scene. Sometimes it involves actors and other times props. When the TPR flows into a story it is important to just let it coast, almost like a glider. It will fly as long as it flys and then it lands. I have to remeber to let it be that way. When it lands, we go back to the TPR, don’t force try to force the story to continue. If I force it, I will just trample the plane and ruin what we just had.  This is an art that I have not yet mastered, but continually look to improve.

Another thing with the OWI is that they can be based off of my backward planning sheet. We create a little story inserting some words that they will later read in the novel, which makes the reading more fun and a lot easier. The backward planning keeps me focused and also gives me ideas in case the class goes flat. I just glide back and forth between the TPR and the OWI, while looking at the backward planning sheet inserting when a need is created by the class. I feel that it makes the class so much more meaningful.


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