Take care of yourself

For the last few days I have been yelling a lot in class. The great thing is that it was not at the kids, it was that we were learning the word grita, which means yell or scream. We were screaming in Spanish and other languages as well as gato and rana. It was quite fun and I know the students acquired it.

Unfortunately, I was really abusing my voice and thought that I was going to loose it. So today I kind of took it easy and regained my voice back. As I was thinking about this I was remembering how important it is that we take care of ourselves. Most of the time we are in control of what happens in class and we can’t burn out.

I know that some times I get a little too intense about things and I need to tell myself that it is okay to take it easy every now and then. We have all year to learn Spanish, right? Now, I’m not saying that we should show a movie every other day and forget the CI. Just remember that we are more useful to the kids refreshed rather than run-down.



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2 responses to “Take care of yourself

  1. Jim Tripp

    Based on your performance at the Fluency Fast class in Denver, you’ll need a whole week to recover from teaching the word “sneeze”! 🙂

    • thomasyoung

      Yeah, you’re probably right. Man, after seeing Jason my teaching has changed. I now understand why he had a bit of scratchy voice after teaching. I hope my voice gets stronger.

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