PAT game of the week

Today, I took another page out of the Bryce Hedstrom handbook and used el bebé malo for my PAT game. I still gave them a choice between different games, but all the classes chose el bebé malo, except one. I didn’t actually have a baby, so I had the classes choose a prop. They kept choosing this little monkey that a student brought in as a prop for class and it stuck. The name of the game was changed to el mono loco.

How did it go? What can I say, it was a total hit. It is hard to describe the amount of energy coming from 20 screaming middle schoolers/high schoolers. Wow. The best part is that they were learning their numbers because they were all counting in Spanish

I added a few elements to make it more competitive. Instead of one person looking for el mono loco, it was two teams competing against each other. That gave the game an even greater competition edge. I also added that the team with the fastest time would earn an additional three points which gave even more urgency.

I think a lot of teachers know that numbers are something that students do not learn easily in L2. It is not that numbers are hard to learn, I just think that there is not enough repetition. This game really helps that, but the best part is that the kids love it and since they love it they will want it again. Which means they will want to earn PAT points to get it. Which means they will do anything to get those PAT points.

At this point, I can honestly say that I look forward to teaching and I love it… not very common for a second year teacher. I have a lot to be thankful for.



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2 responses to “PAT game of the week

  1. Ruth

    I don’t know “el bebe malo”. How is it played?

    • thomasyoung

      El bebé malo is a game that Bryce Hedstrom invented with his class. Basically, one student from the class goes into the hallway. The rest of the students in class hide a prop [in his case it was el bebé malo, which was a little baby that made it into a lot of stories as the scape goat for problems. Hence the name el bebé malo]. Then, the person from the hallway enters the room and tries to find the prop. The way that the person from the hall knows whether they are close or far is by how loud the class is counting. The class starts at 1 and continues to count as high as they can. Once they reach as high as they can count, they start counting again from the beginning. They are almost yelling when the person is close and when the person is far away they are whispering.

      The kids seem to love it and it helps them to know their numbers, too. They love being creative and showing off for one another. Plus the class seems to grow closer in the whole process.

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