Tighter leash with PAT

This week my kids earned a ridiculous amount of PAT points. They were really good and it is so interesting to see how the English has pretty much vanished. I am glad that I can tighten the leash a little to make it more challenging for next week.

The thing that I have noticed the most is that the students have risen to every demand that is placed on them. They all have their materials. They all are in their seat when the bell rings and are working. They monitor who is talking during the Repasito and now I can hear a pin drop. I really hope that this continues because it is making my life way easier and my classes continue to have a positive vibe.

I am going to tighten the leash next week by increasing my expectations. I will expect more participation from the students and see if they will rise to the new challenge. It’s nice to have the problem of trying to challenge students rather than feeling like they aren’t meeting my expectations.


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