I think I am going too fast

This summer I had the opportunity to see Jason Fritze teach and he was quite the motivator. There is so much energy in his class that you have no choice but to respond and to stay with him. I was inspired and now my classes have a lot more energy and noise.

One thing that has been challenging has been that I have gone too fast in some of my lower levels, like 7th grade. I can tell by the amount that they have acquired by the next day. I have learned that it is good to take your time with the TPR and not feel rushed. I have felt rushed at times, like I had to get moving on to something else. The reality is that I don’t need to feel that way and I can take my time. There is always tomorrow.

I am going to try to slow down, while maintaining the energy. Sometime it is hard to tell when I am going too fast because the class doesn’t stop me. But I need to be aware of the little ways that they communicate with me during comprehension checks and slow down! Life will be so much easier later if I can maintain a healthy pace.


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