PAT Builds Classroom Community

One thing that I have noticed lately is that the PAT time on Friday is actually building the community in the class. I didn’t know this was going to happen, but I am very pleased about. Now, I did mention something about being a good sport and encouraging the other team, but I didn’t know that they would take it to a new level. Some teams even encourage the other team when they don’t get it by saying things like, “That’s okay, that was a hard one or You’ll get it next time.”

Since the classes are getting to know each other better through these games, the stories are actually getting better. More classes are participating and offering more creative answers because they know that they will earn more PAT points for Friday. More classes are being possitive during the week because they know that negativity looses points. Also, there is almost no aural English, which is damaging to any classroom based on aural acquisition — like tprs.

I have really been pleased with what PAT has done for our classroom and I am curious to see where it will continue to go. It is nice to be able to increase my expectations because the students always want to earn more points. So far it has worked in all the levels I teach, which is 7th – 11th grade.


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  1. Carla

    So you give PAT points for creativity and take them away for negativity… what else do you give/take away points for? No aural English… do you take points away for that too? How many minutes a week do your kids tend to earn? (And how long are your classes?)

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