How Well Do They Really Know It?

When I first started using tprs I had the idea that if we used a phrase or structure in class, it was acquired. I have since learned that this may not necessarily be the case. As I work with students more I observe that there are different levels of acquiring a language. I have come to experience that a student may be able to identify a word in print and know its meaning, but not necessarily be able to use the word on demand or have the word freely come up for use when the right time comes. This means that a student needs more repetition on the word.

On the yahoo moretprs list Blaine Ray comments about recently teaching an upper level class. He mentions that although the students were in an upper level class, he found that they all benefited from the repetition that was in the story the class created that day. I found this to be very interesting.

Perhaps we underestimate the amount of repetition that students need and we should keep recycling previous structures all the time. Many teachers already know this, but this is a good thing for me to remember. I need to remember that the students more often than not need more repetition.


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