A Surprising PAT

My two PAT choices for today were “mono loco” and “movie day.” It was a big step for me to do the “movie day” because last year I really minimized how often I played movies in my lower level classes. I never saw a huge benefit from movies because I teach lower level class and often the movie was like i + 50. I decided to throw it in as a choice today because I thought it would be good motivation for PAT, but the students really surprised me.

Of all my classes today only two of them chose “movie day.” The other 5 classes all chose “mono loco.” I was surprised by this because I thought that students would just want to relax, but they didn’t. They actually wanted the community time of interacting with others. This tell me a lot about my students. It lets me know that the power of community and mixed is what people desire and not always being entertained by pop culture. Perhaps it was just today, but my students really showed me a lot today.



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4 responses to “A Surprising PAT

  1. Ruth

    Just a thought to share. I do use films and love them. I don’t use them early in the year or often (maybe two films the entire year) but later on when I am low on energy or just before a holiday, etc. I always teach vocab first and the vocab becomes some of their favorite to add to stories. By the time they see and hear the film they are proud of how much they understand. The first film I use in Spanish is Nemo. They know the story and have learned new vocab (shark, whale, etc.) to prepare for it. It is always a very positive and enjoyable time for all of us. I can sometimes see them understanding (occasionally I have them jot down things they hear and understand. It’s so cool to see that recognition in the whole group). I hope that doesn’t offend anyone who doesn’t like to use films but I believe it is comprehensible input as well as exposure to other accents and a nice change for the entire class.

    • thomasyoung

      Thanks for sharing! I think it is great that you use movies in class, especially if they are comprehensible. We need to use everything we can to get the attention of the students and movies certainly provide that. I guess I was surprised that more of my students didn’t choose it over a more community based game. It really showed me how much the students wanted to play together. I was happy about that.

  2. Carla

    What is mono loco? Always looking for new PAT ideas…

    • thomasyoung

      Mono loco is the same game as El bebe malo. The reason that I call it mono loco is because I have a little monkey as a prop instead of a little baby. El bebé malo is a game that Bryce Hedstrom invented with his class. Basically, one student from the class goes into the hallway. The rest of the students in class hide a prop [in his case it was el bebé malo, which was a little baby that made it into a lot of stories as the scape goat for problems. Hence the name el bebé malo]. Then, the person from the hallway enters the room and tries to find the prop. The way that the person from the hall knows whether they are close or far is by how loud the class is counting. The class starts at 1 and continues to count as high as they can. Once they reach as high as they can count, they start counting again from the beginning. They are almost yelling when the person is close and when the person is far away they are whispering.

      The kids seem to love it and it helps them to know their numbers, too. They love being creative and showing off for one another. Plus the class seems to grow closer in the whole process.

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