Most people who know me would say that I have energy in class. Outside of class I am a pretty calm person and you wouldn’t know it other than seeing me in class. I guess I really turn it on because  I know that it makes the language learning more meaningful and fun. In the past I thought I had energy, but then I saw Jason Fritze and I realized that I was mediocre. Well, this year I have turned the energy dial to 11. [Reference to This is Spinal Tap] Some days the students aren’t ready for it, but most days it keeps the class going. Last week, I was a little ill and the energy was really lacking. Consequently, so were the stories.

Well, I got more rest this weekend and now the energy is borderline psycho and I may need to calm down. I actually broke my foam sword today when I was coaching a student to during Pobre Ana. I know for some teachers the intense energy is not their thing and that is okay. I think a lot of teachers really feel that they have to be a nut in order to do tprs. This is simply not true. We can have energy in different ways and we simply need to find our own style. I would say that the majority of tprs teachers are not energy fountains.  When I saw Jason teach I really identified with his style and ended up copying some things. Actually, a lot of things. It works for me as long as I don’t loose my voice…


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