PQA ideas

I have been using a lot of Joe Neilson’s program lately and it has really made my classes take off. One thing that it has enhanced is the PQA in my class. Basically, there is a time where I am “playing” with the vocabulary. This could be any number of activities: TPR, PQA, little spin off stories from the PQA, gestures, chants, pictures, etc.

The PQA has been going great, but sometimes it is hard to gesture, TPR, or PQA certain words like sweat. I mean, in some classes, the word sweat could be a huge success and in other classes it is really awkward. An idea that occured to me is that if we have a picture of a pop culture person sweating and we talk about it, that makes it more meaningful than talking about the students sweating. In other words, I am more likely to have success with a picture than by talking about a student because the students are at an age where they don’t like to talk about how they sweat and if I do, the interest may drop. On the other hand, We can take these vocabulary items that may be hard to talk about and get reps through photos of pop culture.


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