Krashen Lights a Fire on Reading

Every time I read Krashen or watch an excerpt of a seminar he has given, I just get so excited about the posibilities of reading and its impact on language acquisition. I keep asking, “How can we get interesting meaningful reading to our students?” Well, I don’t have all the answers or even the money, but it makes me get excited about intermediate instruction and what can be done. I don’t think that we fully realize what we have here. That if we move forward with a lot of these ideas, students will begin to acquire a language and actually like it! It seems like a dream, but it is within reach. I don’t care that most of the United States or even the world is stuck on other methods that don’t really work. I will do my thing in Holdrege and be happy about it. It certainly does feed my idealistic side and make me excited about what I do! We all need the fire to be lit every now and then to remind us of where we need to go with acquisition.


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Filed under Encouragement for hard days, Reading, Teaching Discoveries

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