The Questionnaire I use

This is the questionnaire that I use at the beginning of the year to get to know my students before we really start to have some fun.This is modified from Anne Matava’s questionnaire.


In order to tell and write interesting stories that involve you, I need some information about each of you.  Please fill out as much of this as applies.  You can make up answers if you want to in order to make it more interesting. Be aware that anything you tell me may show up in a story some day!  Thank you very much.

Name: ____________________________________________________

Nickname: __________________________________________________

Birthday: __________________________________________________

Names and ages of siblings: _____________________________________________


Town you live in: ______________________________________________________

Pets and their names: _____________________________________________________

Your favorite things to do: _________________________________________________


Your job (If you don’t have one make it up): _____________________________________________

Instruments, sports, or games that you play: ______________________________________________


Sports players, artists, or musicians whom you admire:



A celebrity whom you find attractive: _____________________________________________

Your favorite music groups/singers: _______________________________________________


What you like to eat and drink: __________________________________________________


Some things you REALLY don’t like: ______________________________________________


A place or places that you sometimes go and why (example: I visit my grandmother in Colorado):   ___________________________________________________________________________


Chores you have to do around the house: __________________________________________


Your favorite item(s) of clothing: _______________________________________________


Any abilities or talents you have, however unusual: _________________________________


Something you have that is unusual: ______________________________________________

Something you don’t have that you really want: _______________________________________

Any interesting or unusual facts about you: _________________________________________


Name of your best friend(s): ____________________________________________________

Your favorite store: ___________________________________________________________

Something you fear: ___________________________________________________________

Someone you admire: _________________________________________________________

Your favorite movie(s): ______________________________________________________________________________


Would you be willing to act in class:              yes                               no

Would you be willing to draw in front of the class:               yes                               no

Would you be willing to draw something for the class at home:                   yes                   no

Would you be willing to donate a prop to the class for our stories:               yes                   no


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