My latest classroom management tool

Lately, I have introduced a new classroom management tool that is quite effective and also adds fun to the classroom. No, I’m not talking about Fred Jones or Love and Logic, which are both great. My new classroom management tool is simply a squirt bottle.

It is amazing what a little water will do for a class. It adds instant attention, especially if someone decides to put their head down for 2 seconds or if you just want to randomly squirt people. Of course I avoid nice clothes and faces, as well as the obvious places, but it really can be quite fun. It creates an environment of fun in the class as well as takes care of unwanted behaviors, like speaking English. Now, I still use other classroom management skills, which are vital to success in tprs. But this was a nice addition to the classroom that gets students to do what we need to do and have fun at the same time.

One student even donated a super soaker to class that sprays 3 different directions and also has an option that creates a pleasant mist. Pleasant to me, of course. The next day another student brought in a different type of super soaker. Who could have thought that a water gun would be such an effective management tool that leads directly to acquisition and lowers the affective filter. Why don’t they teach this stuff in college?



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2 responses to “My latest classroom management tool

  1. Carla

    Are you still using this tool? It sounds like it has a lot of potential, but also as if it would take a little finesse to use it successfully. I have some kids I think would eat it up, just love it… and some who’d probably try to get me fired for assault. so any suggestions? So how do you engage the effective use of a squirt bottle for classroom management? I’d love to hear more details.

  2. Mr Kerby

    What a great idea. I think I will try this next week. I am a TPRS teacher too. I don’t feel effective but I have faith in the method and continue to press forward. Thanks for the great idea.

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