my next tprs endeavor– playing the game

I am always thinking about where I can go next in my tprs journey. It has been quite the wild ride and slowly I feel more confident and less like I am surviving all the time. I am still nowhere even close to where I want to be and that is why I am thinking about my next step.

For me, I want to get really good at getting my students to “play the game.” What does this mean? Well, it’s hard to describe, but basically the tprs game is a competition between the students to come up with the most clever details. This is another tool that leads to engagement. Also if the students are playing the game well, they almost forget that they are in class, learning a language. This leads to acquisition because they are not consciously learning the language, it is sort of just happening. As always, the teacher plays too. However, the most creative answers usually come from the students.

If a story is dying or falling flat, usually it is because the students have decided that they do not want to play the game. If playing the game can lead to increased acquisition, well I would have to say that the opposite is also true. Lack of playing the game will not only make the story dull, but also not lead to acquisition and decrease the amount of buy in that the students have for your class. Trust me, it’s in our best interests to get the students to play the game.

Some may say, “Thomas, this is one of the first things that you learn in tprs!” Well, that may be true, but here I am. I still feel that I need to grow in it.

We’ll see where this leads. So if anyone out there has any suggestions, I am all ears. I am sure a book could be written on all the ideas that people have. I’ll post what I find out.


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