reverse charades

This last Friday I tried a new PAT game called Reverse Charades. Here’s how it works:

  1. Two large teams
  2. I have my list of words that I have been working on in front of me
  3. One member from each team comes to the front and covers their eyes
  4. I write a word on the board, the teams look at it, and then I quickly erase it
  5. I yell “Go!” and the the two teams act out the word for the members up front. Each member looks at their team in order to guess the word.
  6. The first member up front that guesses the word wins.

It is reverse charades because the team is acting instead of the person up front. Why does this work? Because teens are way more likely to act as a group rather than singled out in front of their peers. Give it a shot!



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6 responses to “reverse charades

  1. Carla

    Thanks! I’m trying this today. I’d love to hear any other ideas you have for good PAT.

    • thomasyoung

      On the right side of the blog there is a Category called PAT and that is where I have put the different PAT games that I use. How did the game work today?

      • Carla

        It was so much fun! I have one class that I haven’t figured out how to draw in very well… they were so creative and alive with this game. We’ve played a few times since then, and we’ve adjusted the rules so that 2 people from each team are at the front guessing. This takes the pressure off them to get the answer alone, and they love it. They get completely engrossed.

  2. Tried it today. Awesome NO PREP game!

  3. Carla

    My students like electricity. We use the scorpion from hide the scorpion (our version of bebe malo). There are 2 teams. At one end, the coin flipper/score keeper flips a coin while everyone stands in two lines holding hands with their faces turned away from the flipper, except for the 2 people closest to the flipper. Those two watch the coin. If it’s heads, they squeeze the hand of the next person in line. They pass the pulse to the front of the room and the first team to pick up the scorpion gets a question to answer. I like playing with foreign coins because it gets in a tiny bit of culture too. After competing for the scorpion, they go to the end of the line by the coin flipper.

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